GSA Opportunities

A little about the GSA Schedule

A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract is a five year unfunded contract based on a company’s commercial discounting structure. It is a streamlined buying process the Government uses to buy products and services through registered vendors at pre-negotiated prices.

A GSA Contract creates a win-win scenario for businesses and the Government because it enables the Government to purchase, and businesses to sell products and services — without going through a traditional bid process. The Government buys billions of dollars worth of products and services via the GSA Schedule. It allows all parties involved to maximize opportunities, optimize resources, save time and operate more efficiently.


Once registered, a GSA Schedule enables companies and the U.S. Government to maximize opportunities, optimize resources, save time and operate more efficiently. GSA Contracts are based on commercial pricing practices and are practical for the Government and profitable for U.S. businesses.


The application process is complicated and can be quite tedious. Government bureaucracy can be frustrating and difficult to navigate. Often, simple mistakes in the application process will necessitate starting the application over again. Several challenges in the GSA process can prevent qualified companies from getting a GSA Schedule and benefiting from increased revenue.

GSA Contracts are classified as Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts. This means the Government will award a GSA Contract to any vendor that qualifies and completes the rigorous application process. Having a GSA Schedule does not guarantee sales. It is necessary to have a plan in place to market directly to the Federal Government.


At Government Contract Services, we want you to maximize time and results. We navigate the bureaucracy so you don’t have to. Once we determine your company qualifies for the GSA Schedule, we take over so you can focus on what’s really important:
Sales! Sales! Sales!

GSA Schedule Contracts are quickly becoming the preferred purchasing vehicle for many Federal Agencies. GSA Schedule sales have increased every year for the past eight years. The Government spent over 37 BILLION dollars via the GSA Schedule in 2009 and is projected to spend 40 BILLION dollars in 2010. There is a small pool of competition. GSA Contracts are pre-negotiated and there is very little bidding. Currently, a very small percentage of U.S. businesses have GSA Contracts.

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